The iPhone 16 Pro could take a shift from the brushed titanium finish

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple will reportedly use an enhanced titanium finishing and coloring process for its forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro models. Apple started using Grade 5 titanium in its phones starting with last year’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Titanium is no longer a jaw-dropping addition to phones

But, soon enough, many smartphone manufacturers, respecting the trend, started incorporating the titanium material in some of their latest models and the ‘titanium’ keyword in their marketing material. However, not all of them adopt the same costly Grade 5 titanium.

Nonetheless, titanium is now one of the trends in the top tear flagship space and doesn’t feel like a jaw-dropping addition anymore. For example, Samsung adopted the material for this year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra. There are also rumors about its adoption in the company’s upcoming book-style foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which might help them make it look more premium and different than the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE- if that device launches.

A Korean platform notes that the iPhone 16 Pro models could utilize a different processing method for the finishing and coloring of titanium.

iPhone 16 Pro models’ titanium could get a distinctive look though

“Unlike the 15 Pro model, the iPhone 16 Pro model will use a method that improves the previous titanium processing and color processing” (machine translation).

As a result, the tipster notes that the iPhone 16 Pro models could get a more polished or “glossy” look. If true, it could potentially look similar to the previous Pro iPhones with stainless steel. Yes, a glossy finish may become more susceptible to fingerprints just like before.

When it comes to scratches, titanium is naturally more scratch-resistant than stainless steel, you shouldn’t expect to see a ton of scratches on the frame.

In addition to the polished titanium finish, MacRumors suggests that Apple may introduce new color options for the iPhone 16 Pro series. These new colors will reportedly be “Space Black” and “Rose Gold”. The traditional Blue Titanium variant might be replaced by the Rose Gold option, while Space Black may replace the Black Titanium variant. The White and Natural Titanium colorways are also expected to undergo subtle refinements.

Currently, there’s not much information about Apple’s new and refined finishing process for titanium. But, we will update you as more information comes out, that’s for sure.

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