Everything shown off during Sony’s State of Play

Rise of the Ronin

Sony held its most recent State of Play livestream on January 31, and it had some pretty exciting reveals throughout the more than 40 minutes of footage. The livestream focused mostly on a few particular games, and that included a deeper dive into the gameplay with some fresh looks at what’s to come. There were even a few little surprises for viewers that Sony snuck in.

Out of all the reveals during its most recent State of Play, the most notable games that were showcased were Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, and Death Stranding 2. Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin are two big games that are coming to PlayStation 5 later this year. In fact, both are coming a lot sooner than some people probably expected. If you didn’t catch the State of Play during yesterday’s live showing, here’s everything that Sony showcased.

The biggest State of Play reveals from January 31

We’ll kick things off with what were the biggest games shown during the stream, and all of them are bound to be big hits with players. With that said, check out the games below.

Stellar Blade gets a release date

Stellar Blade, previously known as Project Eve when it was announced a few years ago, is one of the most anticipated games coming to PlayStation 5 this year. Its intense action combat with gorgeous visuals has captivated fans since its initial reveal. Players have been waiting for any sort of information that could point to a potential release date, and yesterday they finally got their wish.

Stellar Blade comes to PlayStation 5 on April 26. The extended look revealed more than just the release date. You get a little more context on the story and there’s a lot of extra gameplay footage. Showing everything from your character’s many different outfit choices to how some of the different game systems work. For instance, you can visit camps around the game world to replenish items. And you can even sit down and “take a break” at these camps to restore health. Players will also have the opportunity to accept or ignore side quests from random NPC characters they meet during the game.

While this choice is entirely up to the player, doing these quests is usually a good idea. As they can sometimes lead to useful items or equipment. You can check out the full Stellar Blade extended-look trailer below.

Check out Rise of the Ronin’s Yokohama setting in the gameplay overview

Rise of the Ronin will no doubt capture the attention of anyone who happens to be a fan of Ghost of Tsushima. But coming from Team Ninja, it should also be an exciting release for anyone who played and loved the Nioh games or enjoyed Team Ninja’s work on Ninja Gaiden. Rise of the Ronin is an action RPG game that focuses on you, the masterless samurai, forging your destiny through Japan during the 19th Century Bakumatsu era.

Combat is going to be at the heart of this game. And it looks like players will be able to dispatch enemies with a varied array of weapons and skills. You’ll come across enemies that require you to assess the encounter and pick the right sword style to deal with that particular enemy. But you’ll also be able to use more than swords. This will include guns, and other neat contraptions built by one of your companions, an inventor that you can develop a bond with.

Bonds in this game also seem to play a big role. As you progress through the game you’ll meet tons of different NPC characters. And depending on how you develop bonds and what choices you make, you can alter the game’s direction and outcome. Rise of the Ronin also features a very cool way to traverse the game world. With the combination of your trusty grappling rope and the ‘Aivcula’ (a pair of wing gliders) you can jump to rooftops and glide through the air to cover larger distances. Check out the full gameplay overview below.

Another look at Death Stranding 2, plus a tease for Hideo Kojima’s new action espionage game

Death Stranding fans were given a real treat during the State of Play. Kojima Productions showcased a new trailer for Death Stranding 2, which introduced players to a cast of new and returning characters. As well as the game’s official title, more of the story, and a release window.

The game comes out in 2025 and it’s officially called Death Stranding 2: On The Beach. If you were a fan of the first game and its strange themes, the sequel’s new trailer is sure to pique your interest. It’s just as strange if not a little disturbing. And at the very least, it grabs your attention with all the oddities. In addition to Death Stranding 2, Hideo Kojima and PlayStation Studios Head Herman Hulst revealed that Kojima Productions is working on a new game for PlayStation.

It’s an action espionage game and a completely new IP. Kojima didn’t reveal much beyond the game’s genre, but it did tease the name — Physint. The game isn’t currently in production but Kojima says preparations are underway. Production is expected to begin after the launch of Death Stranding. That sounds like a long way off. But it’ll give fans of Kojima’s work on the Metal Gear series something to look forward to.

Every other game revealed

Over 40 minutes is a lot of time to fill. Even with longer segments for things like Death Stranding 2 and Stellar Blade. The games above were the biggest reveals during the State of Play but there was still plenty more to see.

PlayStation fans also got their first look at the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, and Konami dropped a surprise Silent Hill game on PlayStation 5 called Silent Hill: The Short Message right after the livestream. It’s even completely free to play. In addition to those games, Sony revealed more on Foamstars, which is a PS Plus game this month, as well as a new trailer for Dave The Diver, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Helldivers 2, Judas, Legendary Tales, Metro Awakening VR, Sonic X Shadow Generations, Until Dawn, V Rising, and Zenless Zone Zero. You can view the full State of Play in the video below if you want to catch up on everything.

Last but not least, Sony is holding another State of Play next week on February 6 to showcase an extended look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which launches on February 29.

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