Exclusive: Galaxy Watch FE comes with two special versions

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While everyone desires a premium smartwatch from Samsung, the common issue with all smartwatches is actually their price. Many smartwatches cost as much as a mid-range Android smartphone. Samsung will soon introduce a new affordable smartwatch called the “Galaxy Watch FE” to offer a cheaper version.

The upcoming affordable wearable is expected to have identical specs to the Galaxy Watch4. The Galaxy Watch FE will launch globally, and it will be available in the U.S. and Korean markets as well. We previously shared with you that Samsung is working on a brand-new cheaper smartwatch. Now we discovered the Wi-Fi version of the upcoming Galaxy Watch FE on Samsung’s OTA servers.

The Galaxy Watch FE is on the way, Wi-Fi variant appears on the Samsung OTA Server

We previously revealed an LTE variant of the Galaxy Watch FE with the model number SM-R866. Now, we have discovered a different device with the model number SM-R861 on a One UI test build released by Samsung. It’s actually the upcoming Galaxy Watch FE’s Wi-Fi variant. We spotted the Galaxy Watch FE with the R861XXU0AXE5/R8610XM0AXE5 software version. The letter “A” in the OTA software stands for the first One UI version released for the device. The “XE” means that the OTA update was released in May 2024. Additionally, Samsung has released 5 test builds in total for the Galaxy Watch FE.

Galaxy Watch FE One UI Test Build

Galaxy Watch FE One UI Test Build

The test build reveals that the upcoming Watch FE Wi-Fi version will be available in Korean, European, and Turkish markets. Our previous findings in our database also indicated the Watch FE’s availability in the US as well. In summary, we can say that Samsung will soon introduce a watch under the Galaxy Watch FE branding. It seems it has already started working on both LTE and Wi-Fi variants of the device. Furthermore, since we discovered this One UI build on Samsung’s own servers without any third-party sources we are now entirely confident that the Watch FE is underway.

All you need to know about the Galaxy Watch FE

Note that we expect the Watch FE to carry similar specs to the Watch 4. In fact, this is reflected even in the model numbers. The Galaxy Watch 4 had the model number SM-R860, with the LTE variant being SM-R865. The Watch FE’s model number closely resembles the Watch 4’s. The Galaxy Watch FE’s model number is SM-R861, and the LTE variant is SM-R866.

Exclusive Galaxy Watch FE leak

Exclusive Galaxy Watch FE leak

Samsung’s “Fan Edition” devices are generally quite popular because they offer many premium features at a more affordable price point. Samsung first introduced “Fan Edition” versions with the Galaxy Note 7 back in 2016. They make “Fan Edition” tablets as well. While it’s currently impossible to predict the price of the upcoming affordable watch, we expect it to make a significant impact in the smartwatch market, as Samsung is introducing a Fan Edition model for the first time in the Galaxy Watch series.

Samsung is not only set to introduce an affordable watch but also unveil the Galaxy Watch Ultra for those seeking top-tier quality. Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch was thought to be named Watch 7 Pro, but it turned out to be the Watch Ultra. We can say that Samsung is currently working on two different smartwatches.

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