Gemini Live will let you have two-way conversations with AI

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Google is going deeper into AI and all of its potential use cases, and one of the latest advancements it’s introducing is the Gemini Live chat announced at Google I/O today. This new feature will let you have two-way conversations with AI and it’s a new way to use Google’s super smart AI tools in your day-to-day life.

Think about how you would normally ask questions to Google Assistant over the past few years. While it started fairly simple, over time it became much smarter. Allowing users to follow up Google Assistant’s responses to a question with follow-up contextual responses to get more answers. The idea was to make Google Assistant seem more like you were having a conversation with another person. Since the arrival of Gemini, however, interactions have been more one-sided.

You type your text prompt into a box, and Gemini spits back some answers. Gemini Live should change all that. When it arrives, you can “go live” and speak to it like you would a friend. Google says it can help you with things like preparing for an interview and even give you helpful suggestions on how to respond to potential employers.

With Gemini Live chat you can interrupt mid-response to clarify a question

You don’t want to get in the habit of interrupting people in your daily life. But sometimes, you might be in a conversation and have a question about a response given to you. And in some cases, it might be more prudent to politely interrupt to get some clarification before you forget to ask. With Gemini Live, you’ll be able to interrupt mid-response for this exact purpose. In doing so, Gemini will respond back with a contextual answer to help clarify whatever it was that you were getting hung up on.

Additionally, Gemini Live will be able to give you tips for public speaking. This could be infinitely useful for a wide range of people. Say you’re a valedictorian and you’re supposed to give a speech at graduation. Gemini Live should be able to assist you by giving you tips while researching for that speech.

Google is adding camera support for objects the camera sees around you

The Live feature already seems useful, but Google is opening it up even further by adding camera support. Google says you can go live while using your Android phone’s camera. This will allow Gemini to give you responses and carry a conversation about things your camera sees around you. For example, let’s say you’re not sure what a specific object is that you come across while shopping for kitchen tools. You could go live with the camera and ask Gemini what that thing is, and it’ll give you a response explaining the item and telling you more about it.

This feature is coming “later this year” so it’s not quite ready. Like the Gems feature, you will need to be subscribed to Gemini Advanced to use Gemini Live.

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