Galaxy S24 Ultra beats iPhone 15 Pro Max in read/write speed

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It’s been nearly a week since Samsung launched its 2024 flagship lineup, the Galaxy S24 series. As usual, people have started delving deeper to find out a winner between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and last year’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, in their own ways. One of the ways to find out the winner turned out to be the storage speed test.

@sakitechonline on X measured the storage speed with a synthetic benchmark called Jazz Disc Bench, where the Galaxy S24 Ultra surpassed last year’s iPhone 15 Pro Max with a decent margin. For those unaware, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with the UFS 4.0 storage while the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with its iconic NVMe storage. According to ‘allaroundreview’, the UFS 4.0 storage is significantly faster than the NVMe modules used on iPhones.

Galaxy S24 Ultra performed 75% faster in sequential read speed

According to the results obtained by sakitech, the Galaxy S24 Ultra scored 75 percent higher than its competitor in sequential read speeds and 15 percent higher in sequential write speed. Speaking of numbers, the ultra flagship from Samsung achieved a transfer speed of 2547.26MB/s as compared to 1450.42MB/s of the iPhone. The write speeds are relatively close at 1442.25MB/s and 1257.99MB/s from the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max respectively.

Notably, the random read and write speeds are also quite a bit higher on the Samsung flagship as compared to the iPhone. The latency in read and write speeds is also lower (better) on the Android side.

However, faster loading of Apps and games depends on the Apps themselves and the OS as well

While the numbers shown by Jazz Disc Bench will surely impress users of the latest Galaxy flagship, one should also consider the fact that the two phones are running on completely different platforms and the apps are also built differently.

Not to mention, how an app, for example, YouTube, interacts with the system in two different cases is also not going to be identical. Real-life performance for different apps may vary based on their optimization with the platform, and sometimes this may lead to results that deviate from the showcased benchmarks.

In conclusion, loading times and overall response in heavy apps and games will also depend on system-specific optimization.

GalaxyS24 Ultra vs iPhone 15 Pro Max storage speed test
Source: @sakitechonline

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