The Mint Pixel 8 Pro color may be inspired by ocean waves

Mint Pixel 8 Pro Teaser Shade

Google this morning posted another teaser for the upcoming Mint color of the Pixel 8 Pro. This time suggesting what the hue or shade of green the color will be. If you missed it initially, at the end of last week Google teased the Pixel 8 Pro would be coming in a new color. The teaser didn’t explicitly state that a new color was coming. It did, however, say that fans should expect something “Minty Fresh” to be revealed on January 25. The hint was accompanied by a picture of a Bay Pixel 8 Pro being “spray-painted” over with green paint.

The color used for the paint seems the most likely to be what you can expect for the shade of this new colorway. But Google’s teaser from this morning might suggest something different. Or at the very least where Google might be drawing some inspiration from. Google is also pushing out its reveal for the morning of January 25. It was initially set for midnight on the day. But it now looks like Google is going to set the reveal for 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Mint Pixel 8 Pro teaser hints at ocean waves inspiring the shade of green

While it was assumed at first that the green spray paint might have been the shade of green Google would use, that might not be the case. The company’s second teaser shows the outline of the Pixel 8 Pro with a video of ocean waves playing inside of it. Near the beginning, you can see the waves crashing in and just for a brief second you get a glimpse at the waves looking almost light green. Sort of like mint.

What might be more important to pay attention to though is the blank area surrounding the Pixel 8 Pro outline. At first glance, it looks almost white. But if you look hard enough you can tell it’s actually a very light shade of green. This might be the shade of green Google uses for its new color release this week. You can see a similar shade, if not ever so slightly darker, being used on the ‘New Pixel Release’ landing page. A small banner halfway down the page highlights the mural painting event that takes place in New York City a couple of hours after Google’s 6 a.m. reveal.

As 9To5Google points out, Google technically already has a Green Pixel 8 series phone with the Hazel Pixel 8. But it is a much darker shade of green and is almost gray. This new Mint color looks to be quite a bit lighter. Perhaps almost pastel, not too unlike the Lemongrass Pixel 7.

In truth, it’s still unclear how green the new color will be. But it seems quite likely it’ll be somewhere around the light shade of green you can see in the image above, and the shade of green seen on the event banner on Google’s teaser page for the color reveal. Either way, everyone will find out for sure in just a couple of days.

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