Galaxy Z Fold 6 leak shows a disappointing camera ring redesign

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 AM AH 10

Last week, a reputed tipster shared an image allegedly showing the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s redesigned rear camera rings. It was a close-up image of a camera lens surrounded by a ridged circular housing. A fresh leak has now confirmed this redesign, which looks worse to our eyes. 

Galaxy Z Fold 6’s refreshed camera ring design looks cheap

Since 2023, Samsung has kept the same rear camera design on all of its phones—a vertical array with no camera housing. The lenses protrude out from the back panel individually. This consistent design choice has helped the company create a brand identity for Galaxy devices. One can easily tell a Galaxy apart from other phones just by looking at its rear cameras.

However, Samsung has yet to bring the Fold lineup under this design language. The book-style foldable still uses a camera housing, though the cameras are stacked vertically and protrude further out of the housing. The company is keeping the same camera design on the Galaxy Z Fold 6, But recent leaks suggest the camera rings are getting a redesign.

Instead of a shiny metallic ring surrounding the camera lens, Samsung has placed a ridged circular housing. We don’t remember seeing this camera ring design on any Galaxy device before. More importantly, it doesn’t look better than the existing design. It looks cheap and outdated. The original design was more premium. The rings also appear to be larger than before.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaked image rear camera ring redesign

We first got a glimpse of this redesign from reputed X tipster Ice Universe. The latest image was posted on X by @TheGalox_, though they got it from Ice Universe too. The latter source has already given us a couple of images partially showing the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen, selfie camera, and the top edge. They appear to have access to the device or at least a prototype or dummy unit that’s close to the final product in terms of design.

The new foldable may go official in six weeks

If rumors are anything to go by, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 on July 10, which is just six weeks away. There was also a report saying the launch event will take place on July 24 but it is probably incorrect. The Korean firm will launch several other products at this event, including the Galaxy Watch 7 series and Galaxy Ring. Stay tuned for an official announcement of the launch date from the company.

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