Gemini is one step closer to replacing the Google Assistant

Google Gemini App AH 2

First, Google Gemini snuffed out Bard, and it appears that it now has Assistant in its sights. At this point, we’re all wondering when Google will replace the Google Assistant with Gemini. Well, it appears that Gemini is taking one step closer to doing so, as you no longer have to press the Send button when you use it as a voice assistant.

Currently, you’re able to use Gemini as a voice assistant of sorts on your phone- this is handled through the Gemini app. You’re able to use the diagonal swipe-up gesture to summon it and speak into your phone as though it were the Google Assistant or Bixby. This basically gives you a more powerful generative AI assistant compared to the more traditional Google Assistant. Undoubtedly, people will migrate toward using Gemini over using Google Assistant.

However, Google did state that Gemini does lack several assistant features that would otherwise make it a more complete alternative.

You no longer have to press the Send button when using Gemini as a voice assistant

There’s one major thing keeping Gemini from feeling like a true-to-form voice assistant. After you speak to Gemini, you have to physically press the Send button in order to send the query. While that’s not the most inconvenient thing, it’s definitely less convenient compared to simply saying what you want to say and having it automatically respond. When speaking to the Google Assistant, that’s what you have to do.

People complained about this, and it appears that Google has responded. Now, when you use Gemini through the swipe-up gesture, you won’t have to press the Send button to send your query. You just have to speak, and then the app will do the rest. This makes this experience a bit more seamless and further cements Gemini as a potential replacement for Google Assistant.

We’re all fairly certain that Google is going to replace the Assistant with Gemini, but the company has not outright stated so. In any case, it’ll definitely be sad to see Assistant go if it does happen. Google officially unveiled it back in 2016 along with the very first Pixel phone. It’s been a staple for the Android operating system ever since, so, it will be sad to see it kill off before its 10th birthday. However, that may be the case.

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