Enjoy more games with the Dell G16 gaming laptop, now $400 off

Dell G16 Deal

When you think of gaming laptops you might not think of Dell, but with laptops like the G16 that Amazon has a deal on right now, perhaps you should. Dell’s gaming chops are certainly there and the G16 is a good show of that. You would regularly have to pay $1,599.99 for the G16 with this configuration of specs, but right now Amazon has it on sale for just $1,199.99. That saves you $400 on a gaming laptop that is packed to the gills with performance-based components.

Of those components, the most notable thing in the laptop is the RTX 4070 GPU. While this GPU alone won’t make your laptop a powerhouse gaming laptop, it’s usually a good thing to have such a powerful GPU. It is of course better when paired with other decent specs. Something which the Dell G16 does deliver on. It also comes with an Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU, and 16GB of DDR5 RAM. You also get 1TB of storage for games. Additionally, it has a QHD+ display with a 165Hz refresh rate.

The refresh rate in particular will be one of the better traits of the laptop. It has the power to back up that refresh rate, too. You’ll notice this a lot in any game where there’s fast-paced action. But it really becomes clear in online multiplayer games where fast reactions and smooth visuals are a necessity. One feature I really like about this laptop is the Game Shift macro key. You’ll find this key on the F9 function key and when pressed it kicks the fan speeds up to their maximum level. The CPU will automatically detect when you enable this and start running in Dynamic Performance mode which will divert more power from the CPU towards your game.

The Dell G16 also features plenty of ports, including one for Ethernet. If you’re looking for a powerful yet also more affordable gaming laptop option, the Dell G16 shines.

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