Google announces user-created personalized AI chatbots

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Google just finished wrapping its keynote for Google I/O 2024 and the show was all about AI and how Google is making it more helpful for users, and one of those ways is a new feature called ‘Gems’ – personalized AI chatbots that you’ll be able to use Gemini to create.

Gems will be your “chat buddy” and will be based on specific details you tell Gemini to use. For example, you can tell Gemini to be your Sous Chef and that you want it to create a list of things that need to be done for a recipe you’re making. Gemini will then create a Gem for you. You can also have it be a workout coach, asking Gemini to give you a schedule for working out on certain days at specific times.

When creating a Gem, you can also ask Gemini to respond with certain characteristics. For example, say you want your Sous Chef to be lively and concise and to get straight to the point. The Gem created will then take on these personality traits. What’s even more impressive is that Google says the more you interact with these Gems, the more they can save you time.

Google says Gems chatbots are “coming soon”

Google’s Gemini app on Android has already been a helpful tool for many users since it was introduced. Gems will most certainly take this helpfulness to the next level. That is, as soon as they become available. Google says Gems are coming soon but doesn’t mention specific timing. The feature is likely still in testing just as some of Google’s other announcements today are.

To get access to Gems when the feature goes live, you’ll need to be subscribed to Gemini Advanced. This service costs $20 a month so it’s not exactly an inexpensive monthly subscription. However, the value seems there for anyone who might have need for a suite of AI tools. This is especially true when you consider that Gemini Advanced can be used for a whole lot more than just creating personalized chatbots.

You can create a Gem for anything you can dream up

It seems like the sky’s the limit on how you can use Gems. Google says you can create a Gem for “anything you can dream up.” So it sounds like if you have an idea for how a Gem can be of use to you, you can tell Gemini to create one for it. Big into games? Imagine creating a Gem that can help you learn ability rotations for a character in a game you play. Or maybe you want a Gem that can help you study for upcoming exams.

Full details on how Gems work and what all they can do are still unclear. But more of that will become apparent once users can start playing around with them.

AH Google Gems Chatbots (1)
AH Google Gems Chatbots (3)

AH Google Gems Chatbots (1)
AH Google Gems Chatbots (3)

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