Google added new AI tools to Workspace

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Millions of people who own and operate businesses rely on Google Workspace. This is the company’s suite of business tools and applications that rival Microsoft Office. Well, much like Microsoft Office, Google Workspace has been getting a ton of new and useful AI tools through Gemini. Google just held Google I/O 2024 today, and the company announced even more tools coming to Workspace.

Google Gemini for workspace will be getting new tools

Gemini introduced a powerful side panel to Google Workspace, and the company has been testing it with a limited audience ever since. The side panel gives people access to Gemini in a convenient sliding panel when using a workspace app. You can use it to summarize conversations, show emails, create email drafts, and do many many more things. Today, the company announced that it’s going to be rolling out to the general audience next month.

Next, the Gemini-powered auto-translation feature is now expanding to 68 languages. This makes the feature extremely accessible to millions of people using Google Workspace.

Gmail features

During the event, Google announced some new features. One feature is coming to the Gmail app. This feature will use Gemini to ascertain information and context from several emails and email Threads. You will then be able to use this information to summarize information and get suggestions of what to do next.

For example, if you’re having multiple email conversations across different threads about fixing your roof, you can ask Gemini to give you price quotes from different contractors based on the back-and-forth emails you had with them. Then,  Gemini will give you suggestions of what to say next. Gemini will give you suggestions of what to reply with, and you can see a preview of the suggestions by holding your finger down on them.

Integration across apps

Another new feature that was announced today was Gemini’s ability to seamlessly get context from different apps like docs, Gmail, sheets, etc., and automate tasks across these applications.

For example, if you are a business owner, and you receive receipts via email and have to keep track of your receipts and sheets, Gemini can copy the receipt from your email and put it into a Google Drive folder. Then, it can actually copy the information from the receipts into a new spreadsheet automatically. That’s only one example of what this feature could do.

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