Google announces opening of Google Home API

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Google Home is a pretty useful application that lets you control your smart devices and TVs running Android from one single app. Google is now making a huge change to it. The firm announced the opening of Google Home API for developers during its annual Google I/O 2024 event. This means anyone can now create their home automation system using the API keys of Google Homes.

Google opens up its smart home system for everyone

In an official blog published during the Google I/O 2024 event, Google announced that it is opening up the Google Home smart home platforms’ API. This is a huge decision considering that any developer, whether they are related to the smart home niche or not, can access over 600 million devices connected to Google Home. They can use Google Home’s automation engine to create a smart home automation system for themselves.

Developers can create multiple smart home automations across numerous devices using the API. They can further tune it to their liking. Developers can use the APIs to access any smart home devices and Google devices. The automation can simply be made on the Google Home’s application for both Android and iOS.

The opening up of Google Home API can benefit a lot of devs

Google has also confirmed that some of the first partners to use the API keys of Google Home include ADT and Eve. Eve is a known smart home appliances manufacturer and they’re now making its smart home application using the API of Google Home.

Furthermore, the Pixel devices will be able to do a lot more stuff as a direct benefit of the API keys. The device would be able to follow night automation such as lowering the brightness of your screen, automatically dimming the connected smart lights, and even locking the doors. Google has already released the APIs to early-access partners, and the waitlist form for other developers is now open.

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