The Google One VPN is shutting down in June

Google One VPN AM AH 1

Google just confirmed when it will carry out the Google One VPN shutdown announced a few weeks ago. The company decided to remove this feature from its paid subscription to focus on developing other functions or improving the most used ones. The VPN will stop working starting June 20 of this year (2024).

“One” brings together Google Cloud storage along with additional services. The free tier only includes 15GB of free cloud space for all Google accounts. However, paid plans include more features, such as advanced AI editing options in the Google Photos app. Another benefit was a VPN at no additional cost.

On June 20, Google One VPN will stop working

In case you don’t know, a VPN basically helps you “camouflage” yourself on the internet. They are widely used to bypass geographic restrictions in services that limit their content or offers by region, for example. It also serves to browse more privately. However, it seems that this feature did not catch the attention of too many Google One subscribers, so the company decided to remove it to focus its efforts and resources on other things.

Google had warned about the Google One VPN shutdown in April. Now, the company is confirming the date of the “death” of the feature. It’s noteworthy that Google previously announced other important changes regarding services included in Google One paid tiers. For example, many of the advanced editing features in Google Photos will soon be free.

Google Fi or Pixel VPNs will not be affected

You should not confuse Google One VPN with Google Fi VPN. The company’s mobile carrier will continue to offer this service to all its eligible customers. Google Pixel devices will also continue to include a free VPN service as one of their perks. However, the company is working on unlinking the Google Pixel VPN from the Google One app. They already did this in the Pixel 8 series which includes a separate “VPN by Google” feature.

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