Google Bard could get an upgrade (and a price tag)

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2023 was the year of AI for Google, and it saw the introduction of Google Bard. We’ve known for a while that Bard was going to be powered up by Gemini, and now we have more information on that. According to a leak on X (formally Twitter), Google is working on a chatbot called Bard Advanced, and it looks like it will not be free to use.

We have everything you need to know about Google Gemini, so it can answer any questions you may have. Also, if you’re confused about how Google Bard and Gemini are different, you can read up on that. It’s important to know how these products differ, as Google unveiled both of them in the same year.

Google is working on Bard Advanced, and it likely will not be free

Bard has been up for some time, and Google has powered up many of its services using it. However, in December, we were introduced to Bard powered by Gemini. This version of the chatbot uses the Gemini Pro LLM (large language model). This version is currently available and free to use.

However, the most advanced version of Gemini is called Gemini Ultra, and this model has the ability to generate images and audio along with text. It’s absolutely gigantic, and it’s in competition with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Gemini Ultra is currently not available at the moment, but Google did tease a January release.

Well, it appears that Google is going to power up Bard using Gemini Ultra, and it could be named Bard Advanced. So, Bard Advanced might be able to generate images and music. However, that remains to be seen.

Based on the code in Google Bard, as discovered by Bedros Pamboukian on X, Bard Advanced will cost money to use. Within the code, we see the text ” try Bart Advanced for 3 months, on us”. This means that you’ll have to pay for the service after a 3-month trial.

Also in the code, we see a non-functioning Google One link. This points to the fact that you may be required to have a Google One subscription to use Bard Advanced. This is similar to how you’re required to have an X Premium+ subscription to use Grok.

Right now, we don’t know the price for Bard Advanced so we’ll have to wait for more information to know for sure.

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