Google Bard could help you with your text messages

Bard google Messages

Artificial intelligence could help you with just about everything in life, so why not have it help you write your text messages? This is something that Google can be planning on doing. Thanks to a new leak, it appears that Google is working on implementing Bard into Google Messages. As you can imagine, this will make texting other people much easier.

At this point, the genie is out of the bottle; AI technology is here to stay. It has a ton of influence over the tech world and our lives (both positive and negative). Google has its “Help me write” feature present in products like Google Docs and Gmail. The company is working on bringing Help me write all throughout Chrome. The way this works is that you’ll be able to have AI generate content for you in any text field using the Chrome browser. This will bring the power of AI into many more corners of the average user’s life.

Google could eventually implement Bard into Google messages

At this point, this is still a leak and a rumor, so you’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt. Be that as it May, it looks to be pretty complete. Tipster AssembleDebug posted a few leaked screenshots of Google Messages with this feature. It’s complete enough to show up in the app, but it’s not 100% functional just yet.

In one screenshot, we see a message introducing the user to Bard. This message explains what it’s all about. It looks like Bard will have its own dedicated conversation much like Snapchat My AI. So, it seems like you’ll be able to interact with Bard in that conversation just like you would on the browser. You’ll send text-based queries through messages, and it will generate responses for you. In the second screenshot, we even see that Bard shows up as a contact.

The last screenshot shows the obligatory “read our terms of service” message explaining a bunch of information about Bard, and giving users the option to accept or decline it.

Google has been announcing a handful of new features for its apps lately. For example, Google Chat is finally getting voice messages. Also, Google Bard is on its way to the Google app. With this latest report, it seems that Google is gearing up for a sizable unveiling of new features. We’re not sure if this is going to be part of a new feature drop, or if Google is going to arbitrarily launch these additions. In any case, it’s nice to see the company releasing a ton of new and useful features to its products

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