Save $60 on Amazon’s 3rd Gen Echo Show 8

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Amazon is offering a deal on its 3rd Gen Echo Show 8 right now that drops the price by $60. You would normally need to pay $149.99 for this device but because of the sale, you can grab it for $89.99 instead.

The 3rd Gen Echo Show 8 was released in 2023 so it’s Amazon’s most recent model of this device. While it looks like a tablet, the Echo Show 8 is actually a smart home hub/smart display. The big 8-inch screen makes it easy to see whatever is being displayed on it and there’s a lot you can do with it. As a smart home hub, one of the more common things you would want the Echo Show 8 for is to conveniently manage your other smart home stuff. Such as lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

As long as your stuff is compatible, you can control it all from the Echo Show 8. Amazon Alexa is also present on the device so you can initiate functions hands-free just by using your voice. Outside of smart home device management, the Echo Show 8 makes a great smart display for showing off pictures. Think of it like a picture frame that cycles through digital images. It can also be used for listening to music and audiobooks. I really like using these with audible. Because I listen to a lot of audiobooks while I do various tasks. Such as cooking or cleaning around the house.

Another really neat feature is using the Echo Show 8 for video calls. This is an excellent tool for video calls thanks to the 8-inch screen. However, it is much more useful for that purpose if it’s placed in a room like the kitchen or living room. Keep in mind you can also use this as an alarm clock on your nightstand though.

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