Google’s basic income trial to give families $12,000 a year

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Google is known for its philanthropic endeavors, like pledging $40 million to fight racial justice. Per reports, Google is co-funding a basic income trial that will help 225 families secure long-term housing in the Bay Area. The initiative will help another 225 families over the same period by giving them $50 monthly. becomes a funding partner for the It All Adds Up trial

As prefaced in the beginning, spearheads all the philanthropic endeavors of Alphabet-owned Google. The arm will help provide basic income to 225 families for 12 months. The basic income will total $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month. It will roll out over a five-year period. This study aims to see if families exiting rapid rehousing can overcome various challenges and achieve long-term housing stability.

For those unaware, rapid rehousing is a subset of the ‘Housing First’ approach, which aims to end homelessness. It’s a short-term albeit quick rental assistance and services to families and is not dependent on any prerequisites, such as income, employment status, or absence of a criminal record. The “It All Adds Up” trial will enroll 450 families with children from the Compass Family or Hamilton Families rapid-rehousing programs.

The families will receive $1,000 or $50 monthly payments randomly. The payment will have no strings attached, so to speak, and it will begin one to three months before said families start exiting rapid rehousing. The participants can use the funds however they deem fit. They are also not obligated to disclose how they spent it.

Google’s financing part of the company’s $1 billion pledge to fight homelessness in the Bay Area

Google is the Bay Area’s largest employer. The company behind the AI revolution and popular Pixel devices is not oblivious to the rising cost of living in the area, which has severely affected low-income residents. The company has already invested in developing housing and recently announced an additional $1 billion investment to counter homelessness. Earlier, the company had also pledged $100 million to fight COVID-19. Additionally, the company has committed thousands of hours to pro-bono services.

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