Google’s Circle to Search simplifies search experience on Android

Circle to Search

Google has consistently strived to enhance search experiences, and the latest step in this journey is the introduction of Circle to Search.

The goal is to allow users to search for information without the need to switch between apps on their Android phones. This feature enables users to perform searches using natural gestures like circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping on the subject they want to know more about.

For instance, if a user is watching a creator’s “Outfit of the Day” video and wishes to identify certain items without tagged brands, a simple long press on the home button or navigation bar activates Circle to Search. The user can then employ gestures, such as circling sunglasses or scribbling over a bag, to instantly discover similar options from various online retailers, all without even leaving their current app.

Circle to Search will become available to the Galaxy S24 series and Pixel 8/Pixel 8 Pro on January 31

The multisearch capability of Circle to Search allows users to pose more complex queries about what they see. Suppose a user comes across an image of a tempting corn dog with unique toppings while browsing social media.

By circling the corn dog and asking a question like, “Why are these so popular?” users can quickly access information aggregated from the web, providing insights into the trend and popularity of Korean corn dogs and the broader appeal of Korean cuisine.

Furthermore, the feature supports multitasking while watching videos. For instance, if a user encounters a YouTube Shorts video on an unfamiliar topic, like thrift flipping, circling over the text “thrift flip” provides an immediate explanation of the process, involving purchasing items from thrift stores, refurbishing them, and reselling for profit.

Circle to Search is set to launch on January 31 and will be initially available on select premium Android smartphones, including the Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This feature aligns with Google‘s commitment to providing a more intuitive and seamless search experience, allowing users to explore their curiosity without interruptions.

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