The Pixel Watch 3 could end up coming in two sizes

Google Pixel Watch 2 AH 09

Google might be planning to release the Pixel Watch 3 in two different sizes. If it does so, then Google would be giving consumers what they want — more options. If you look at some of the other popular smartwatches out there, they come in two sizes. Both the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch series offer a small and large size watch. This gives you a chance to pick the size that fits your personal preference.

Google, however, has chosen to stick with releasing just one size of the Pixel Watch for both generations. Leaving you with just one choice if you want your smartwatch to be a part of the Pixel ecosystem. That hasn’t really been a deal breaker for many as both watches were well-received and pretty popular with the consumers who were interested in them. But a single watch size has been a complaint about Google’s official smartwatch.

The size of the Pixel Watch 2 was one of our complaints here at AH as a matter of fact. Despite liking the watch overall, we found it less appealing to have a smaller size with no option for something bigger like what Samsung was offering.

Two Pixel Watch 3 sizes haven’t been confirmed yet

While this is certainly something Pixel Watch fans are probably hoping for, what the two sizes are is still unclear. According to 9To5Google, a source has confirmed that two sizes will be made. But the rumor doesn’t mention anything about the actual sizes. The Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 are both 41mm. So it would be a reasonable assumption that Google may release another 41mm watch while adding one that’s a bit larger, potentially around 44mm to match that of the Galaxy Watch 6.

A bigger version of the watch could also lead to longer battery life for the larger model. While the Pixel Watch 2 did improve on battery life slightly from the first watch, it still wasn’t amazing. A larger watch could help with that as Google would have more room to fit in a larger capacity battery. If Google is going to officially announce anything about two Pixel Watch 3 sizes anytime soon, it would likely be at its upcoming Google I/O conference. Of course, that still leaves a few months for leaks to trickle out and provide more evidence of these plans.

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