Google’s Circle to Search to add ‘Listen’ & more features

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Google released its Circle to Search feature earlier this year. The initial debut was made on the Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones. The feature allows users to search for anything on the screen by drawing a circle. It is now getting more features, one of which will be termed as ‘Listen.’ These features will be out soon.

Circle to Search will soon have a ‘Listen’ feature

Android Authority together with the AssembleDebug reports that Circle to Search will soon have a bunch of new features, including a ‘Listen’ feature. As of now, there’s no clear idea of how the feature is going to work. It will most likely work the same way the listen feature works on Google Lens. It may read aloud the texts and phrases on the screen.

The Circle to Search is already very similar compared to the Google Lens. However, the former is faster and easy to use. Adding these similar features might render Google Lens redundant. But we have no official words on this, so it would be better if we take this with a pinch of salt.

More features such as an upload screen to the cloud are also coming

The tool will also get a feature that would allow it to upload a particular portion of the screen to Google Cloud. It’s also getting the “Select all” button that may allow the user to select and copy the texts and maybe the images on the screen. The source was able to use the saving and sharing the searched screenshot feature. You can watch the attached video for more information.

Google seems to have huge plans with its Circle to Search feature. The Mountain View tech giant claims that the feature is now accessible on as many as 100 million devices. It is also planning to add the feature to an additional 100 million devices, raising the total number of devices to 200 million.

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