Google’s second hardware office in Taiwan focuses on Pixel

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Google has opened its second hardware office in Taiwan. The Google campus at TPark campus in New Taipei City strongly indicates the search giant is betting big on hardware.

Google’s new hardware office boasts a sustainable and eco-friendly design philosophy

Google opened its first office in Taiwan way back in 2006. The company has now reportedly started operations at a new office in New Taipei City. The old Google campus will continue to function as normal.

In a detailed blog post, Google boasted about how it had adopted a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cultural design philosophy. The company has even uploaded a brief video about the new office in Taiwan.

Google has built the new office with sustainability as a core design and operations philosophy. The search giant has mounted 240 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the office. These feed power to massive rechargeable battery packs.

The kitchens in the new office operate entirely on electricity as fuel. The other eco-friendly initiatives include water-efficient fixtures, non-potable water for toilet flushing, refrigerants with low global warming potential, and a stormwater capture system.

Google’s campuses around the world have a distinct vibe that matches the region. The new office is “inspired by Taipei”. There are several “green zones” that mimic the lush greenery and serenity of Taiwan’s subtropical forests.

Is Google going big with its Android OS and Pixel hardware?

Taiwan continues to dominate the world of semiconductors and other specialized hardware. The country is the birthplace of the world’s first Android phone.

Google’s second office in Taiwan is a clear indicator of the company’s growing interest and focus on its hardware department. Specifically speaking, Google could dedicate the new hardware hub in Taiwan to the engineering and development of future Pixel smartphones and other devices.

Google recently made some drastic changes to hardware and software teams. The company has essentially clubbed Pixel hardware and Android teams. The new “super team” will try to infuse AI into Google’s myriad products.

The new “Platforms and Devices” department could be Google’s attempt to consolidate Pixel, Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS. Coupled with the brand-new hardware design and development office in Taiwan, Google appears to be diving deeper into physical products.

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