Grab the super comfortable Galaxy Buds FE for only $80

Galaxy Buds FE 4

The Galaxy Buds FE are one of the more comfortable pairs of true wireless earbuds available today, and right now Amazon has a good deal on them worth checking out. These would usually cost you $100 to pick up. However, Amazon’s limited-time deal brings the price of these down to just $80. So you save $20.

These are already a good value at $100 so getting them for $80 is even better. One of the major factors of these earbuds is long-lasting, all-day comfort. These were designed to be worn for longer periods of time and stay comfortable throughout that time. What I really like about these is the Auto Switch feature. With Auto Switch enabled, the Galaxy Buds FE will automatically connect to whatever device you need them to connect to.

This is intended to prevent you from missing audio for stuff you don’t want to miss. Like a trailer you see coming up on your tablet while you’re already listening to music with your phone. Or for example, if you’re watching TV on the tablet then you need to answer an incoming call. Auto Switch can help you pick up the call with your Galaxy Buds FE so you don’t have to switch things around manually.

Another cool feature is that these can automatically sync to your Samsung TV if you have one and you enable its Smart View feature. So you can then use these for a personalized audio experience while watching stuff on the big screen. These are compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem as well. And you can track lost or misplaced earbuds with the Find feature. Earbuds are small, and let’s face it. Sometimes we lose small things. With SmartThings Find you won’t have to worry as much about losing these earbuds. Of course, they sound great too.

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