Grab the UGREEN 4-Port 100W USB-C Charger for only $42

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If you’re looking for a good charger that is able to charge multiple devices at the same time, look no further than the UGREEN Nexode 4-Port USB-C Charger. Which is on sale today for only $42. Normally, this charger is priced at $74.99, but if you’re a Prime member, you can save 22% off, which isn’t too shabby. Normally, chargers like this are rarely priced below $50, so this is a great deal.

This charger from UGREEN is actually one of my personal favorites, and I use it at my desk every day. This is used to charge my phone and power my MagSafe charging dock, as well as an extra USB-C cable for charging anything else I need to, and the USB-A charging port is used to charge the batteries for my Sony mirrorless camera – since those battery packs still use micro USB. And I absolutely love it. In fact, it’s the charger I travel with, too. Because it’s kind of small for what it does, and can charge everything I bring with me.

It’s a 100W charger and can do the full 100W from a single port. This is great for charging USB-C laptops like the MacBook Pro 14, which can get a 55% charge in only 30 minutes. However, keep in mind that the more ports you use, the slower each one will charge since it’s 100W total for the entire charger.

Like many other chargers coming out these days, UGREEN is using GaN or Gallium Nitride for this charger. That allows it to be smaller than Apple’s 96W charger, which comes in the box with just one port. This one is more powerful and has more ports.

You can pick up the UGREEN Nexode 4-Port 100W USB-C Charger from Amazon at the link below.

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