Grab these Razer console skins for as low as $8.68

Razer Console Skins Deal

Razer makes some cool accessories for consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and right now Amazon is offering a great deal on Razer’s console skins that you might not want to pass up. The console skins from Razer will usually run you about $40 on Amazon. However, right now Amazon has them for as low as $8.68. That’s a mere fraction of the cost you would normally have to pay. It’s also considerably lower than Razer’s cost directly, as Razer charges $65 for them on its website, which is the actual full retail price.

Now not all of them will be $8.68 but when the actual full retail price from Razer is $65, all of the ones Amazon has are on sale for some sort of discount. So no matter which style you pick you’re going to save money. This deal includes skins for both the PS5 digital and disc editions. As well as the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

I’m personally partial to the Dark Hive style as it keeps with the black color of the console covers I have. It also just looks really slick, as it’s a network of really small hexagon patterns, like a hive. Now these are made of premium 3M vinyl and are intended for more than just giving your console some style. They were also designed to protect your console from scratches and scuffs. You might not be moving it around often, but it can be easy to scratch the console covers. And these can help prevent those marks from showing up. They’re also highly recommended if your console travels with you often to LAN parties or to friends’ houses.

Because now you can just toss it in a bag basically worry-free. If you end up putting things in the same bag pocket, scratches won’t be an issue.

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