Here are the best Android 15 DP2 features

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It’s that time of year again when we start to get a glimpse of the features coming with the latest greatest version of Android. This time around, we’re looking at Android 15. Codenamed “Vanilla Ice Cream,” Android 15 is in the developer preview stage at the moment. Well, the Android 15 DP2 recently launched, and here’s a rundown of some of its best features that we found so far.

Right now, Android 15 is in the very early testing stage called the developer preview. So, it’s not widely available to the public yet. If you want to try out the developer preview, you will have to download the image file and manually flash it to your eligible Pixel device. However, doing so requires some technical know-how. If you’re not quite tech-savvy, then you will just need to wait for it to hit the public.

Also, if you do manage to flash it to your device, just know that it will most likely be very unstable, as it’s still in production. So, it’s recommended that you do not use this on your work device.

Here are the best newly discovered features in the Android 15 DP2

At this point, we are still learning about these features, so there’s a chance that new features will be discovered after this piece was written. So, be sure to check back for further updates.

High-quality mode for the webcam feature

On Android 14, Google released the webcam feature. It allows you to plug your phone into your computer and use it as a webcam. This is a pretty great feature because smartphone cameras are rather high quality. However, the quality of the actual webcam footage is really poor.

However, for any Android 15 DP2, it appears that Google has added a high-quality mode. So, when you’re using your phone as a webcam, your phone will be able to output better footage.

App archiving

This is a feature that Google had for a while, but it wasn’t quite ideal. Users were able to archive apps through the Google Play Store. Archiving an app means that you save the app data to the cloud and delete it from your system. Then, the only thing left on your device is the app icon and a heavily stripped-down version of the app. This is a method of saving space on a phone.

The issue with this method was that app archiving was done through the Google Play Store, which meant that, if you got an app from a third-party store, you would not be able to archive it.

However, the Android 15 DP2 makes app archiving a native Android function. So, you’ll be able to archive your apps no matter what app store you use. We’re not sure if Google is going to restrict app archiving from side-loaded apps, because the company does not like it when people side-load apps. So, we will have to see.

Audio sharing

This is a feature that we wanted for many years, the ability to stream audio between two devices at the same time. Say, if you want to use the same phone to play a song on two pairs of headphones, that’s a possibility.

Android 15 could bring the Audio Sharing feature. According to the reports, the Audio Sharing feature will live in the Connected Devices section in the settings. Right now, we’re not entirely sure how this function is going to work. However, it will allow you to use your phone to transmit audio to several pairs of compatible headphones.

Information for this feature is very scarce at the moment. The only option we see on the settings page is the “Play a test sound” option. This will play a short ringtone across all the connected devices to make sure that the feature is properly working. Other than that, we don’t have much to go on. We don’t know how many pairs of headphones people will be able to cast to when this feature comes out.

Frame rate unlocking

Right now, it’s pretty standard for flagship smartphones to come out with 120Hz displays. Heck, several sub-$300 phones come with 120Hz displays. This is why a handful of games actually run at 120FPS. However, most people don’t know this because Android automatically limits games to 60FPS. So, if you want to experience your games at their full potential, you have to manually go into the game and change the graphic settings.

Well, according to a new report, it appears that this is going to be a possibility. If you’re a gamer, this would be one of your favorite Android 15 DP2 Features. It appears that Android will unlock the 60FPS limit imposed on the games.

There are a few things to note about this feature. Firstly, this is only eliminating the native 60FPS limit that Android puts on games. It will not push your game to a higher frame rate. So, if the game was designed to run at 60FPS, then it will run at 60FPS when the limit is off.

Next, this is a developer function. This means that it’s mostly for developers to test running their games at higher frame rates. So, the feature might not be visible in the regular system settings. When Android 15 officially launches, and it has this feature, then you may have to access it by enabling the developer options.

The Android 15 beta is coming

As of the time of writing this article, Android 15 will not be hitting the beta testing phase until next month. So, if you are excited about trying these features, and you don’t want to risk flashing the image file to your phone, then you may want to wait for the beta to launch.

If you need help signing up for the beta, you can start by going to the official Android beta page.

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