How to Watch Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ Event on Tuesday

apple let loose

Apple is set to finally unveil new iPads, for the first time in over a year, at its ‘Let Loose’ event on Tuesday, May 7. The event is much earlier than usual for Apple, with the announcement happening at 7 AM PT or 10 AM ET. Typically, Apple always has launch events at 10 AM PT. So those on the West Coast can wake up and see the shiny new iPads.

With this event, you can watch Apple announce the new iPads online through YouTube or Apple’s own website. According to recent rumors, this event is set for about 35 minutes runtime. This is pretty short for Apple, but we’ve also heard from Mark Gurman that this event will only be about the new iPads and accessories. And do not expect some sort of spring iPhone color or new Macs.

What Apple is announcing

So what is Apple announcing at its ‘Let Loose’ event on Tuesday? Well, we expect all-new iPad Pro models as well as a refresh for the iPad Air. The new iPad Pro’s expected to come with OLED and be a tiny bit larger, about 0.1 inches larger, with around 15% thinner bezels. Which means they should be about the same size as the current iPad Pro models. Additionally, they are getting thinner, around 5mm.

The iPad Air is getting a smaller update, but it is going to be getting a second size. iPad Air will come in 11- and 12.9-inch sizes. It’ll also stick with M2 chipsets, while the Pro models will jump to M4. This seems a little odd, given the fact that the M3 debuted last October in new Macs.

Apple is also planning to finish cleaning up its iPad lineup by next year. That includes getting rid of the ninth-generation iPad, replacing it with a cheaper 10.9-inch model, and the iPad Mini will get updated with a faster chip. This is going to make Apple’s iPad lineup the least-cluttered it has been in years.

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