Instagram looking to enhance Reels with Spins feature

Instagram Reels AH

According to Tech Crunch, Instagram is reportedly working on a new Reels feature that’ll set it apart from TikTok. The new feature dubbed Spins will let you copy other user’s Reels and swap out their text and audio with your own. Spins is in the prototype phase but leaker Alessandro Paluzzi shared a few screenshots of the feature on X.

How the Spins feature will work on Instagram Reels

The apparent aim of this feature is to make it easier for Instagram users to jump onto trends using existing content. For example, if you come across a trending template and you like it, simply change up the audio and text to convey your message based on the viral video.

Instagram Spins may sound similar to the existing Instagram Remix feature or TikTok Duet but it’s a bit different. It lets you add audio and text commentary whereas Remix and Duet work by splitting your screen and allowing you to add video commentary on an existing post.

This new feature will be the telltale differentiator between TikTok and Instagram given that Duet and Remix are identical. Considering the recent passing of TikTok’s ban by the US House, the Spins feature may just give Instagram an edge over the former.

Will original content owners get credit?

According to Paluzzi’s leaked screenshot of the Spins feature, every spin on your Reel means more eyes on your account. Once someone spins your content, you’ll also reach their audience—so you’ll get credit for being the original creator. The screenshot also shows that there’s a dedicated toggle button to permit other Instagram users to spin your Reel. You’ll have this option just before you publish your post.

It’s worth noting that this feature is just an internal prototype at the moment. Meta is yet to confirm whether or not Spins will be available on the stable Instagram version anytime soon. However, given that TikTok doesn’t offer anything similar to Spins, Instagram is likely to go ahead and at least test out this feature on Reels.

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