Meta Ray-Bans will now describe the landmarks you see

Meta Ray bans

Meta sunglasses made by Ray-Ban have now integrated AI-powered vision to allow identification and information on surrounding landmarks. The option was unveiled recently as a highlighting feature in the latest beta version. The update went official by Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth on a Threads post, suggesting its potential use cases as a tour guide for travelers.

Meta Ray-Bans get smart and now ID Landmarks in front of your eyes

The new feature can recognize landmarks through AI systems from various places. Bosworth demonstrated this by using sample images that AI accurately guessed to be the Golden Gate Bridge and painted Ladies of San Francisco. Descriptions displayed as text below the pictures, help users understand more about the landmarks.

He also showcased these features in other videos taken in Montana, where glasses explain via audio what different landmarks look like, such as Big Sky Mountain or Roosevelt Arch. Not only does it give you the latest weather updates, but it also explains weather phenomena like snow formation, with an easy-to-understand guide.

At the Connect event last year, Meta previewed this feature as part of its “multimodal” portfolio, allowing users to interact with their environment through real-time information. Engadget affirms the new landmark ID is an extension of the previous feature that now allows Meta´s smart glasses to access real-time info.

Environment awareness on Meta Ray-Bans is mostly similar to Google Lens

Meta’s landmark identification is an additional functionality on top of its present Google Lens-esque tool that allows users to search and ask questions about what they see in their environment. PhoneArena suggests that the Lens-like capability is free for users during the beta phase, but it’s only exclusive to members in the early access program.

Meta sunglasses have undergone yet another transformation with the addition of a landmark identification feature making them even better tools for experiencing augmented reality through glasses. Enhanced capabilities for travel and exploration make it a versatile tool.

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