Microsoft Edge getting real-time translation and dubbing of videos

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Soon, Microsoft Edge will be able to translate and dub videos on multiple platforms, including YouTube. It will be a feature resulting from the integration of Microsoft’s browser with Copilot, its AI-powered assistant.

Microsoft made the announcement at its Build developer conference this year. Regular users of the Edge browser will be happy to know that they will receive advanced features that will make it even more practical and functional. That includes the ability to translate and dub videos from YouTube, LinkedIn, Coursera, and others, all in real-time.

Edge will be able to translate and dub YouTube videos in real-time

Once you get the feature, you will receive both text and voice translations of videos as they play. This is a huge improvement over the translation capabilities previously available. According to the company, the tool will allow translation from English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. It is also compatible with translation from Spanish to English, as reported by The Verge.

With this, Microsoft is boosting accessibility thanks to the power of AI. The improved translation tool will be very useful for people with hearing or speech problems. Of course, it will also allow you to better understand videos about topics of your interest. Have you ever come across a tutorial video that you couldn’t follow correctly because you didn’t understand all the steps? Or are you interested in following news channels from other regions? Edge’s new translation capabilities may be the solution.

Speaking of news platforms, websites like Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg will be compatible as well. Microsoft promises that it is working to gradually increase the list of supported languages and websites. It’s noteworthy that Edge already had some AI-powered features related to videos. For example, for some time now, the browser has been able to offer you summaries of YouTube videos.

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