Apple challenges EU’s $2 billion antitrust fine with a lawsuit

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Apple has finally filed a lawsuit against the EU’s $2 billion fine that the regulator imposed earlier in March. At the time, the Cupertino tech giant said that it was going to appeal the antitrust fine from the EU following a complaint from the music streaming services, including Spotify. Now, Apple officially challenges the massive EU fine, reports Bloomberg.

Apple challenges the massive EU fine in EU’s General Court in Luxembourg

According to the report, Apple wasn’t happy with the massive €1.8 billion (roughly $2 billion) fine imposed on it by the European Union Commission in March. The company immediately rejected the ruling and announced to fight it back in court. Now, Apple has finally challenged the EU fine in the latter’s General Court in Luxembourg. The iPhone maker is aiming to overturn the EU’s massive penalty decision in March.

Apple has reportedly declined to comment on the matter. It has allegedly just pointed out an earlier blog post that appeared soon after it was penalized in March. In the blog post, Apple mentioned the EU’s decision was reached “despite the Commission’s failure to uncover any credible evidence of consumer harm.” The brand also said that the ruling “ignores the realities of a market that is thriving, competitive, and growing fast.”

The EU fined Apple in March for favoring Apple Music over its rivals

After Spotify’s complaint against Apple for unfair business practices, the European Union Commission imposed its antitrust penalty against the company. The Cupertino brand was fined around $1.95 billion, which culminates the commission’s around four-year-long investigation.

It was granted on the matter of Spotify accusing Apple of purposely not revealing its customers alternative options to pay for the subscription plans of the streaming service. The EU’s antitrust regulator found that Apple favored its own Apple Music service. The brand forbade the rivals to include a link to a cheaper subscription option outside the App Store.

The European Union Commission has reportedly told reporters that it is ready to defend its decision in court. We are expecting to receive more details about the matter in the coming weeks.

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