Microsoft is releasing three new Xbox Series X|S models

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Microsoft has announced three new models of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles and the company plans to release them all later this year. In total there are two new models of the Xbox Series X and one new model of the Xbox Series S. The company revealed these new versions of its latest console series during the Xbox Showcase event it held on June 9.

One of those new models is the rumored all-digital White version of the Xbox Series X. Up until now, Microsoft has only officially offered the Xbox Series X with a disc drive. Those who wanted an all-digital console had to go with the Xbox Series S. This not only meant less performance power, it also meant less storage as the Xbox Series S initially came with a 512GB SSD, whereas the Xbox Series offered 1TB. Microsoft later released a 1TB Xbox Series in Carbon Black. Naturally, this also impacted the price points. The Xbox Series X was significantly more expensive.

But things are changing. You can now get the Xbox Series X in an all-digital model that comes in the Robot White color. It still has 1TB of storage, but it comes in at a new lower price of $450. That being said, Microsoft is also lowering the price of the Carbon Black model with a disc drive to the same price. If you’re looking to save money, the Xbox Series S with 1TB of storage will cost you $350. You can also get this in Carbon Black or Robot White.

Xbox Series X All Digital Robot White

The Xbox Series X will come in a new limited-edition Galaxy Black model with 2TB of storage

1TB of storage fills up fast with games these days. Starfield for example is around 135GB. And Call of Duty has consistently been one of the larger games for the past few years. Black Ops 6 will surely be a huge game. It is possible to put more storage into your console with the expansion cards. However, it’s still nice to have as much internal storage as possible. To that end, Microsoft has confirmed a new Galaxy Black model of the Xbox Series X that will come with 2TB of internal storage. It will still have the disc drive as well, and support for expansion cards if 2TB isn’t enough.

It’ll also cost quite a bit more money. When the new console releases, it’ll set customers back $600. Keep in mind, that you’re not only getting more internal storage. You’re also getting a limited edition color.

Microsoft doesn’t mention anything about limited quantities. But it’s usually safer to assume that there aren’t going to be a ton made and make the purchase as soon as possible.

Xbox Series X 2TB Galaxy Black
Xbox Series S 1TB Robot White

Xbox Series X 2TB Galaxy Black
Xbox Series S 1TB Robot White

All three new models will be released this holiday

It will be a while yet before you can pick up one of these new Xbox models, as Microsoft plans to launch them for the holiday 2024 season. So expect them to show up sometime around October or November. There’s no official date yet but Microsoft will no doubt share additional information closer to launch.

Microsoft also says pre-orders are coming soon and to check back “in the coming months” for more details.

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