Microsoft now has an AI sticker generator for your social media posts

Microsoft Sticker Creator

At this point, there are a thousand and one AI image generators on the internet. They’re great for making full-fledged images. However, there are people who aren’t interested in making large images. There are some people who just want more possibilities when making social media posts. Well, Microsoft just unveiled its Designer Sticker Creator. This is an AI image generator for social media stickers.

The company has its image creator called Designer Image Creator. This is Microsoft’s full-fledged image generation platform that makes high-quality images. Right now, it’s available through Microsoft Copilot. If you want to quickly access it, you’ll want to go to the Microsoft Edge browser and look for the icon on the side panel.

The side panel will slide out and show you a text field to put your prompt in. Then, you will get AI-generated results right in the panel that you can download and use.

Microsoft brings its new Designer Sticker Creator

We’re at a point where we’re getting tired of The limited selection of stickers that we have to post on social media. Sure, there are a lot, but people want to be able to make their own. Well, Microsoft just came up with a way to do so.

The Microsoft Designer Sticker Creator is a standalone tool that you can access by going to the official site. Once you enter the site, you will see a grid of examples of what you can make. Since it’s an AI image generator, you can be as specific or as vague as you want. You’ll type your prompt into the text field at the top and it will get to work making your new sticker.

These will be high-quality images that you can download in PNG format. Since these are PNG pictures, they will have transparent backgrounds. This gives you the ability to edit them further using image editing software. Say, you want to give your sticker your own unique background. Well, you can paste the sticker into a program like GIMP or Photoshop, and add the background.

How to access this tool

Right now, the Microsoft Designer Sticker Creator is an Early Access platform. So, it’s not available to the public. If you want to use it, you’ll have to sign into your co-pilot account. We’re not quite sure when this feature will make it to the public.

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