Sam Altman shares his first thoughts about Apple Vision Pro

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Apple recently took the wraps off one of the biggest releases in a long time, the Apple Vision Pro. There’s no denying that it hasn’t made enough buzz in the industry, and reports also suggest that it’s being sold for a higher price in other markets, due to its US-only availability. Subsequently, industry leaders such as Sam Altman were among the first ones to drop a quick review of Apple Vision Pro.

Sam Altman believes Apple Vision Pro is the “second most impressive tech since the iPhone”

OpenAI chief Sam Altman took to X to share his quick review of the Apple Vision Pro. He believes it’s the “second most impressive tech since the iPhone.” On the same post, another user commented that it probably has the worst name. However, Sam Altman quickly responded, “ChatGPT is a lot worse. [sic]”

Of course, we don’t know whether he tried the Apple Vision Pro or not but a compliment from someone, who has changed his tune of the generative AI space, does matter.

He doesn’t delve into more details as to why he believes so. But a comparison with the first-generation iPhone means that he believes that Apple’s Vision Pro has the potential to become the next big thing in tech.

Sam Altman isn’t the only one, after all

Elon Musk, too, was among the early adopters of the Apple Vision Pro. However, his appraisal of Apple’s latest release is mixed. Musk concedes that the Vision Pro failed to surprise him. He draws a parallel with the first-generation iPhone, suggesting there’s ample room for improvement in the Vision Pro.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman notes that there’s more to this and essentially, this is just the prototype of the final product. He further adds that the Apple Vision Pro will not affect the sales of or replace the iPhone or Mac; rather, it will impact the iPads.

For those unaware, Apple Vision Pro is up and selling for $3500 for the base variant in the US. Apple is also giving 30-minute one-on-one demos to experience visionOS, made specifically for the Apple Vision Pro.

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