MotoGP 24 launches today for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

MotoGP 24 Launch

The launch of MotoGP 24 has arrived today for PC and console platforms. The game was initially announced in the middle of March of this year. Like previous MotoGP games, players will have a wide variety of riders to choose from, this time across the entire 2024 season. Developed by Milestone, MotoGP 24 introduces quite a few enhancements over the last few games. Most notably the inclusion of the Riders Market.

This new feature, Milestone says, has been highly requested by the community. And it’s finally available, allowing players to switch their rider to new teams and promotions between classes. The Riders Market feature goes well beyond the ability to switch teams though. Milestone has baked in some AI elements that sound as though they’re intended to mimic the types of situations that can pop up if all of this were happening in real life. For example, Milestone says that both future perspectives and the current value of other bikes on the grid can determine the choices that are made by AI riders.

Tapping into the team transfer system is the social network structure that Milestone introduced last year as well. The game has its own fictional social network and likes and replies on posts can stir up rumors about team transfers. Which might also factor into the choices made by AI riders.

The launch of MotoGP 24 also comes to Nintendo Switch

This isn’t really new information since this was announced back in March as well. But it is worth reiterating in case the Switch is your preferred platform. In addition to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch will also get a copy of MotoGP 24. There are some things worth noting in regard to this, however. MotoGP 24 supports cross-play, but only for PlayStation and Xbox.

Both PC and Nintendo Switch players can only play with other players from their respective platforms. So if you know some of your friends are going to play on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you might want to consider picking the game up on one of those if you want to play with them.

Break the rules, pay the price

One of the cooler new features coming to the game is the presence of blowback that players can receive. Both players and AI riders can end up with penalties for a number of reasons. If you break the rules, you pay the price and deal with the consequences. These can range from simple warnings to time penalties, as well as long lap and let pass orders. Players can even receive a canceled qualifying time if the rule being broken is severe enough.

This element adds another sense of realism that encourages players to be on their best behavior. However, you might also want to increase the rivalry intensity between you and another rider. And careless riding will fuel these rivalries further which could make for some interesting races down the road. MotoGP 24 is available for $49.99 across all above-mentioned platforms.

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