Every consumer account can now access Microsoft Passkey

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After testing out the passkey feature for the Microsoft account, the brand has finally decided to make it official for all consumers. Yes, you heard it right. If you are also the one who uses your Microsoft account a lot across different devices, then it’s time for you to get happy. You can now log into your Microsoft account with ease using the passkey feature.

Microsoft Passkey is here for all users across the globe

Microsoft has started to roll out the passkey support for all of its users starting today. The passkey feature was announced for Windows 11 last year. But you can now generate and use Passkey on any of your devices running Windows, Android, and iOS. Passkeys allow you to use your device’s biometrics such as fingerprint verification or face unlock to use as a password for your Microsoft account.

Passkeys make logging into the account very easy as you no more need to enter passwords manually again and again. You can simply enter the ID and use your passkey to log in. You can visit this official link to create your passkey. Also, do keep in mind that if want to use your smartphone’s biometrics as passkeys then open the link on your smartphone only. This remains in line with Microsoft’s goal for top-notch security.

It is soon coming for mobile versions of Microsoft apps

The vice president of Microsoft, Vasu Jakkal says “Today, you can use a passkey to sign in to Microsoft apps and websites, including Microsoft 365 and Copilot on desktop and mobile browsers. The support for signing into mobile versions of Microsoft applications using your passkey will follow in the coming weeks.”

The addition of passkey to the mobile versions of Microsoft apps will further enhance its user experience and push it toward a passwordless future. Multiple firms like Apple, Google have adopted passkeys and Microsoft has also joined the list now. It would be fascinating to witness more and more brands aiming towards the passwordless feature by introducing passkey into their system and accounts.

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