Narwal’s amazing Freo X Ultra robot vacuum drops to $1,100

AH Narwal Freo X Ultra Review (17)

Robot vacuums have gotten so advanced that they can clean your floors exceptionally well, and my favorite robot vacuum to date, the Narwal Freo X Ultra, is now available at a discounted price through this Amazon deal.

When I reviewed the Freo X Ultra I was impressed at how smart this vacuum was. It starts by getting the layout of your home and from then on, it’ll use a combination of sensors and AI to continue cleaning your floors until they’re spotless. This particular part of the vacuum is for the mopping feature. Narwal calls it DirtSense, and it essentially just scans the water being sucked back up into the vacuum after mopping and going back to the base station. If the water scans clean, mopping is finished. If not, it’ll continue mopping until the water comes back clean.

It’s pretty genius. In addition to that this has a really high suction power. This is great for picking up dog hair on just about all surfaces. It might struggle with some really low-pile rugs. But it gets nearly everything on hardwood, carpet, and more. It left essentially every floor surface clean, rugs included, save for one pesky dark rug we have in my kitchen. The best part is that everything is automated. The Freo X Ultra uses the base station to empty the water into a dirty water tank. As for the dirt, dust, and debris, or anything else it picks up, the base station doesn’t suck it out of the vacuum’s dust chamber.

Instead, it compresses that stuff inside of the compressible dust bag that’s inside of the vacuum. This makes it much quieter. Because the base station doesn’t have to suck out all that stuff at the end of every cleaning session. Plus, it can compress dirt and dust for up to 70 days. So you don’t have to replace those bags often. It’s spendy, but it’s very worth it.

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