New Genshin Impact trailer teases Natlan nation coming soon

Genshin Impact Natlan Teaser

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse has just released details for patch 4.7, the game’s next major update, as well as a teaser that shows a preview of the newest nation coming to the game, Natlan. The teaser is brief, but it shows off plenty of sweeping landscapes and grass-covered mountainous terrain that’s slightly reminiscent of areas like Mulgore in World of Warcraft. Of course, there are more trees and it certainly has its own unique look. It definitely appears to be a cool new area though, and players will be able to check it out first-hand later this year. Unfortunately, it won’t be coming with the patch 4.7 update.

Patch 4.7 will be arriving on June 5, however, for Android, iOS, PC, and PS5. So players will have loads of new content to play around with in less than two weeks.

The Genshin Impact Natlan teaser shows some interesting new gameplay elements

It’s unclear exactly what gameplay the teaser is showing because there’s absolutely no dialogue. But you get an idea of some of the gameplay based on what’s shown. Aside from the new nation, it looks like players will be able to take on the role of a few different types of creatures. Now since the game revolves around the traveler character and all of the other playable characters, it’s unlikely that this is a main piece of content.

Rather, it seems more plausible that the patch that Natlan comes with includes some type of quest or activity that will briefly let you take on these creature roles. Whether it be just for a single quest or exploration. In either case, it appears to be a new fun mechanic that doesn’t seem to be in the game right now.

Patch 4.7 includes new Archon quests, playable characters, and more

While the nation of Natlan is still probably months away, patch 4.7 is right around the corner. As updates go it seems like pretty standard fair. You’ll get to continue with the story through new Archon quests, meet new story characters, and have the chance to acquire new playable characters through new wish events. HoYoverse says a new long-term challenge domain is coming too. The Imaginarium Theater will arrive with patch 4.7 and reset monthly. Each reset will also change the rules of the challenge domain, but it will introduce “richer rewards” as well. So there’s plenty of incentive to go back and do it over and over.

Additionally, the tower defense minigame is getting a new season. Plus, the two new playable characters being added are both going to be five stars. So save up those primogems. You can check out the patch 4.7 trailer below if you missed it earlier. And you can check out the 4.7 special program here if you want even more details.

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