New Nothing Phone (2) update brings fixes & optimizations

Nothing Phone (2) official 1

A new update is now rolling out to the Nothing Phone (2), and it is bringing fixes and optimizations to the table. This update is marked as Nothing OS 2.5.2, and it’s rolling out as we speak.

This update does bring a couple of new features

Before we get into optimizations and fixes, there are some new features here too. You’ll be getting direct access to the Glyph Interface’s Music Visualization feature. On top of that, you can now directly set your network via Quick Settings, even if your device is locked.

That’s basically it as far as features go. Regarding optimizations. Nothing “refined” visual effects on the lock screen interface. The company also optimized the display of icons in the status bar.

The success rate of unlocking the device via a fingerprint scanner has been improved too. Nothing refined transition animations for the Photos widget, while it also improved the stability of call and connection quality.

The Nothing Phone (2) is getting plenty of fixes with this new update

Let’s get down to fixes now. The game’s dashboard FPS has been improved, it should regularly update now. Double-tapping the power button should now launch the Wallet every time, without exception.

If you’ve been having an issue with the Glyph switch, if it has been turning on automatically, that should no longer happen. The volume also kept changing automatically for some users during Flip to Glyph, but that will no longer be happening.

The Glyph interface has also been prone to turning off on its own when it’s not within the Bedtime schedule. Nothing fixed that. Music also won’t play during incoming calls now, in Vibrate mode.

If NFC has been bothering you, that should be a thing of the past now

For some users, the battery percentage did not appear in the status bar. This update should take care of that issue. The last entry in the changelog has to do with NFC. The overall stability of NFC has been improved.

Nothing did say that this update is rolling out in stages to the Nothing Phone (2), so you may not receive it straight away.

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