TSMC is preparing for 1nm chip manufacturing

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In a move to further solidify its dominance in semiconductor manufacturing, TSMC is reportedly gearing up to invest a trillion dollars in the construction of a 1nm fab in Chiayi Science Park, Chiayi County, located in southwestern Taiwan. This development comes on the heels of TSMC’s recent revelation about the establishment of its third 2nm fabrication in Kaohsiung, emphasizing the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of advanced chip fabrication processes in southern Taiwan.

Sources reveal that TSMC has submitted a formal request for 100 hectares of land to the Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration, which oversees the Chiayi Science Park.

Out of this land, the company has designated 40 hectares for an advanced packaging facility and earmarked the remaining 60 hectares for the construction of the 1nm fab. As TSMC’s land requirements exceed the initially planned 88 hectares in the first phase, expectations are high for an expedited expansion in the second phase to meet TSMC’s growing needs.

Taiwan remains TSMC’s primary base for cutting-edge chip fabrication

While not ruling out any possibilities, the company continues to collaborate with the administration to identify suitable semiconductor fab sites. TSMC emphasizes that one should refer to the company’s official announcements for all pertinent information.

The move to establish a 1nm fab in Chiayi Science Park follows TSMC’s survey of the site in August 2023, even before it was officially integrated into the jurisdiction of the Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration. This strategic decision could be a response to challenges faced during the third-phase expansion of the Longtan Science Park in Taoyuan. In the face of protests, TSMC’s construction team pivoted, abandoning the Longtan project and redirecting its focus to Chiayi.

TSMC’s trillion-dollar investment plan reflects not only its commitment to advancing semiconductor technology but also its determination to maintain Taiwan as a hub in the global chip manufacturing landscape.

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