NewsBreak was caught posting AI-generated articles

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NewsBreaks is a popular app that delivers news stories from several popular news outlets. It boasts being a source of trusty news, but recent events revealed that this might not be true. According to a new report, NewBreak was caught posting inaccurate AI-generated articles.

Right now, we’re in an age when we can’t trust whatever we see online. Granted, that’s ALWAYS been true; however, with the advent of AI-generated content, it’s much truer now. You never know if the article you read from an up-and-coming health site just came from ChatGPT. This is one thing that many people are worried about.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve actually seen several “news” sites that were completely crafted out of AI. These are sites that you need to look out for, as the information on these sites is most likely inaccurate.

NewBreak was caught posting AI-generated articles

NewBreak is an app with more than 50 million monthly active user, claims the developers. It posts news stories from several outlets including Fox, Android Police, Reuters, and CNN. The company claims to be the “go-to source for all things local.” When those poor unfortunate souls lost their lives during the Christmas Eve shooting in Bridgeton New Jersey, NewsBreak was there. Only…. there was no shooting on Christmas Eve.

While this is good news (we don’t need any more gun violence), it highlights the danger of AI-generated news. The New Jersey police department dismissed the news story and said that it was “entirely false”.

NewsBreak told Reuters that it removed the article only four days after it was posted, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t more. In fact, there were dozens more AI-generated articles presented by NewBreak.

Since 2021, the platform has posted several AI-generated news stories, created stories with inaccurate bylines, and even taken content from competitors, according to Reuters. This is pretty significant, as a platform with more than 50 million active users has a pretty big influence on the news industry. We’re not sure how much worse AI-generated media is going to get.

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