Nokia shows off immersive phone call technology with 3D audio

Nokia C210 6

A Nokia executive has made the first “immersive” phone call as a demonstration. This is a new technology that the company is working on. It promises to offer an improved calling experience thanks to 3D spatial audio technology.

Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia, revealed more details about the technology. He was also the one who held the call with Stefan Lindström, Finland’s Ambassador of Digitalization and New Technologies. According to Lundmark, immersive phone calls are designed to offer a closer communication experience. It will help make interactions between all parties more lifelike. The goal is similar to Google’s Project Starline, but with much fewer requirements.

The new Nokia’s 3D audio-based immersive phone call technology

Currently, voice calls use monophonic audio. This means that all sound is compressed to output through a single channel, which significantly reduces quality. It also completely eliminates the feeling of separation between all the sound elements present during a call. On the other hand, Nokia’s immersive calls solve this by implementing 3D audio technology.

One of the advantages of the technology is that it does not require special devices. The first immersive call was made using a normal 5G-supported phone. The only hardware requirements are support for 5G networks and at least two microphones. Today, millions of devices meet these requirements.

The technology is compatible with both calls between two people and meetings between multiple people. In the latter, it could be used even better, since the three-dimensional sound will separate the voices of all the participants. This will allow you to distinguish the voices of each participant according to their spatial position.

Nokia’s immersive phone call technology will be one of the advantages of 5G Advanced. 5G Advanced is the next evolutionary leap in mobile networks before the arrival of 6G. The company will have to reach licensing agreements for its implementation. So, you’ll probably have to wait some years before it’s available to everyone.

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