OnePlus 12R’s UI gets improved with new animations & more

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The OnePlus 12R is now getting a new update which improves the phone’s UI via new animations and more. This update is marked as OxygenOS, and it’s rolling out widely in the US. It’s coming to more markets soon, if it hasn’t started rolling out already.

New update improves the UI of the OnePlus 12R, and adds new animations

The changelog is actually quite packed on this one, despite the fact the focus is mostly on animations. This update adds wallpaper zoom and “seamless icon transitions during app launch and exit for a smoother visual experience”.

Gradual brightness transitions are a part of the experience when you turn the screen on and off. OnePlus also added a bounce animation effect when sliding to the bottom of the notification drawer.

Transition animations for the home screen icons and widgets have been optimized too. The same goes for background colors and Gaussian blur effects in Quick Settings, Notification drawer, Home screen drawer, and Global Search.

Animations when entering and exiting Global Search have also been optimized, and so on. Quite a few animation-related changes have been made to the UI.

Plenty of animations have been tweaked/added

Having said that, OnePlus also added a transition animation when swiping in from one side of the screen to exit an app. Transition animations have also been added for when you’re swiping in from one side of the screen to go back to the previous page, and when swiping inward from a side of the screen or swiping up to exit an app in landscape mode.

You can now also tap the lower right corner of a large fočlder in order to view more apps. Touch control responsiveness has been improved. Animations when using large folders have been optimized too.

You can now also adjust the volume in Quick Settings on the OnePlus 12R, and adjust the size of a floating window. System stability has been improved in general, and OnePlus has added the April 2024 Android security patch with this update.

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