Samsung’s Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is down to $900

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor Deal

Samsung’s 49-inch Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is available through Best Buy at a considerably lower price than normal, making this a deal you might want to scoop up if you need or want a monitor upgrade.

This deal is for the refreshed model that came in January of this year so this is the newest model of the standard Odyssey G9. It has a more compact base on the stand that takes up less desk space so you should have a little more room for stuff around it. Normally this monitor would retail for $1,300 at full price, but Best Buy currently has it for $900. This is $400 off the regular price, and the lowest price we’ve seen on it since it was $800 a couple of weeks ago.

Since that deal didn’t last long, this one is likely to be gone quickly as well. The Odyssey G9 comes with a 49-inch ultrawide display with a 1000R curve. This design is what makes the monitor so desirable for gaming. All that screen space is going to make your games look better than ever before. The Odyssey G9 also has some really amazing features. For example, it has a picture-by-picture mode that lets you split the screen into two equal-sized monitors. You can then use each of the two sides with a different source, letting you display either two consoles, two PCs, or a PC and a console side by side.

This is great for playing with friends or having some videos up on your PC while you play on console. The Odyssey G9 also has two HDMI 2.1 ports and it has a 240Hz refresh rate, and it’s Dual QHD resolution. There’s also an auto source switch+ feature. This automatically switches to a new source when powered on.

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