OpenAI continues to strike back against Elon Musk in lawsuit

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Right now, OpenAI is currently tangled in a lawsuit from billionaire Elon Musk. While Musk has made some statements against the company regarding how it operates, OpenAI released its own statements. Now, in a new response, OpenAI claims that Musk’s statements are convoluted and “often incoherent.”

In case you have been following, Elon Musk issued a lawsuit against OpenAI, claiming that the company does not live up to its promise of providing AI technology for everyone. Rather, it has become a de facto subsidiary of Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world. So, Elon Musk feels that OpenAI has basically become a closed-off for-profit company rather than an open and nonprofit company dedicated to AI research.

Soon after Musk filed the lawsuit, OpenAI reacted by releasing emails sent from Elon Musk to the company back in the early days. The emails basically point to Elon Musk originally wanting OpenAI to do exactly what he’s suing it for. According to the emails, he wanted OpenAI to be a subsidiary of Tesla, another major corporation. Also, he agreed that OpenAI should not be open source.

However, Elon Musk did not respond to these claims. Rather, he struck back at OpenAI  by announcing that the model powering Grok will be moved to open source soon.

OpenAI says that Elon Musk’s claims are “incoherent”

According to a new report, OpenAI just responded again to Elon Musk’s lawsuit, claiming that his claims are based on “convoluted – often incoherent – factual premises.” In all honesty, this lawsuit came out of left field. It’s obvious that ChatGPT is much more seasoned and a much larger chatbot than Grok. It seems odd that Elon Musk would attack the company out of nowhere. There are other companies with their models’ source code behind closed doors as well. So it’s strange that Elon Musk has chosen OpenAI to target.

In a statement, OpenAI said that “Musk purports to bring this suit for humanity, when the truth — evident even from the face of Musk’s contradictory pleading — is that he brings it to advance his own commercial interests.”  With regards to the emails, the company also said that Elon Musk wants to “…lay unearned claim to the fruits of an enterprise he initially supported, then abandoned, then watched succeed without him.”

At this point, this case is still heating up, so we’re not quite sure what the outcome will be. One thing we do know is that, if Elon Musk does win, OpenAI need to detach itself from Microsoft and make ChatGPT’s source code open source.

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