Palworld is coming to GeForce Now

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Do you remember Palworld? Of course, you do! This is the game that took the internet by storm a few months ago by being known as “Pokemon with Guns.” Well, Palworld is now available via GeForce now. This means that you’re able to play it via cloud streaming.

To catch you up, Palworld launched a few months ago, and it was one of the most interesting games we have seen. It takes open-world exploration, survival, and crafting, and blends them all together with Pokemon-style creatures sprinkled in. The cherry on top of this fun sundae is an arsenal of different weapons.

When it first launched, it was an international sensation, breaking records on different platforms. It has broken 2.1 million concurrent players on Steam, and that’s no small feat. Most of the biggest games in the world weren’t able to reach that number. The only game able to top that number was PUBG, and that game has an all-time peak of 3,257,248 players.

Palworld is also the most popular game on Xbox Game Pass, and it was also huge on Xbox Cloud gaming. So, it’s fair to say that Palworld is a pretty popular game. The number of current players has dropped off, but that’s to be expected with all games. Currently, it’s sitting at above 25,000 players, which isn’t the best. However, we expect the player count to rise again when the company releases new updates to the game.

Palworld is now available on GeForce Now

If you’re a person who doesn’t want to be tied down to one platform, then Nvidia G-Force Now is one of the numerous options for cloud gaming that you have. GeForce Now users now add Palworld to their belts.

If you don’t have the service, there’s a pretty low barrier to entry for it. There’s a free membership that gives you play sessions up to one hour long, standard access to game servers, and a basic computer rig. This means that you won’t have access to special graphical techniques such as RTX ray tracing, 4K gaming, higher frame rates, Etc. Also, you’ll see ads.

The first payment tier will cost you $9.99/month. With it, you will have six-hour-long play sessions, up to 60FPS gaming, no ads, premium access to servers, and a more powerful rig with RTX enabled.

However, if you want the most from G-Force Now, you can get the Ultimate plan for $19.99/month. With it, you get a powerful G-Force RTX 4080 rig, exclusive access to RTX 4080 servers, eight-hour-long gaming sessions, up to 4K resolution, up to 240FPS, and no ads.

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