Snag a PlayStation Portal for $200 while stock lasts!

PlayStation Portal Deal

The PlayStation Portal is Sony’s most recent handheld. It’s not like the PSP or PS Vita because it doesn’t play games natively rather it’s specifically for Remote Play. It’s still a very cool device to have if you play games on PS5. The only issue is that it’s been hard to get one because stock always runs out fast and it seldom comes in. Regardless of the retailer.

Well right now Best Buy has the PlayStation Portal in stock and you can pick it up for just $200. This isn’t a deal price, but it is hard to find the PlayStation Portal anywhere. So if you’ve been wanting one, now is your chance to try and pick it up. You do have to act fast, however, because there’s always the chance that Best Buy will run out of stock very quickly. As this has been the case almost every other time we’ve seen it in stock.

The PlayStation Portal is essentially a DualSense controller with a big 8-inch display in the middle. It’s one solid unit so the display is fixed between the two controller sides. Since it’s a DualSense, it also has the same adaptive triggers and advanced haptics that the standard PS5 DualSense controller has. The Portal plays games via Remote Play. So you’ll need to have a PS5 and both it and the Portal will need to be connected to the internet. You do not have to have the Portal on the same network as the PS5 though.

That being said, it may work best while you’re in the same place as your PS5. The PlayStation Portal is capable of 60 frames per second with 1080p resolution and it has built-in speakers for audio. You can also connect the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds or PlayStation Pulse Elite headset to have personal audio.

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