Pixel Bedtime mode updated with Google Home integration

Android Bedtime Mode

The next update for Google Pixel devices will provide a major tune-up to the Bedtime mode. Pixel Bedtime Home integration can now control smart home appliances straight from the settings instead of using the Google Home app.

Pixel Bedtime goes smart and it can now control Google Home appliances

Bedtime mode has been among the basic features of Google Pixel devices. It allows users to automate different activities during set hours, especially while charging the phone. These include turning on Do Not Disturb, grayscale screen, brightness adjustment, and many others.

Now, Google has announced that the Bedtime mode for Pixel will soon work seamlessly with smart home devices. This integration has only come to focus now when Home APIs became official at Google I/O. They assist developers bring ideas and apps that could leverage the smart home connectivity of Google Home.

Pixel’s Bedtime mode will be able to perform tasks like adjusting lights or even locking doors after activation via this upgrade. Google wants Pixel devices to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. So they are allowing Bedtime mode not just to dim the screen but also to change light settings in the bedroom automatically. It will lower shades, and secure the front door with a click.

Google TV integration is also possible but no signs of availability yet

While details around how exactly this implementation works and when it might be available remain unknown, it is no doubt a potentially valuable addition to an already useful feature.

Furthermore, Home APIs will also function in other areas including ADT’s “Trusted Neighbor.” Integration with Google TVs is also possible as explained by TheVerge. Watch out for more updates regarding this amazing integration and expect improved management of your smart home directly via the Bedtime Mode on your Pixel device.

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