PlayStation Plus games for March include Destiny 2: Lightfall

PlayStation Plus Destiny 2 Lightfall

PlayStation Plus is a great service to have if you enjoy free monthly games, and as one would have it Sony has just announced the free games coming to subscribers in May, with one of those being the Lightfall expansion of Destiny 2. While this isn’t a full game, other Destiny 2 expansions have made it into the PlayStation Plus monthly games in the past. And with The Final Shape expansion coming up, it’s fitting for Lightfall to be added.

Of course, this is one of four free games being added for May. In addition to Lightfall, subscribers will also get their hands on EA Sports FC24 (this is basically FIFA now), Tunic, and Ghostrunner II. If you haven’t played Tunic, we’d highly recommend it. Tunic is an awesome soulslike metroidvania game that can punish you for not paying attention. But just like other soulslike games, it’s extremely rewarding when you get past difficult content.

Ghostrunner II is not without its challenges either. This is a first-person cyberpunk runner/slasher game where you essentially play a cyber ninja. Runs are punishing in this game as well and if you die you have to restart. If you enjoyed the first game, you definitely need to pick up the second one for free this month.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is coming to PlayStation Plus at the perfect time

Whether you’re a longtime Destiny 2 fan or a new light player, Lightfall couldn’t have come to PlayStation Plus at a better time. The Final Shape launches on June 4. So you have just over a month to dive into the Lightfall campaign and get it over with. The Final Shape will also be the conclusion to Destiny 2’s narrative where the light and darkness saga is concerned. This is a narrative that has been building for 10 years.

And even though Lightfall wasn’t as well-received as other expansions, it’s part of that narrative. So if you want the complete picture, playing through Lightfall will help you see it. Worth noting is that this only gives you the Lightfall expansion. You will still need to own the base game of Destiny 2 to access Lightfall. That being said, Destiny 2 is a great game and offers some of the best gunplay of any first-person shooter out there. And there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming.

May’s free games won’t arrive until May 7

If you’ve been around the block with PlayStation, then you know Sony doesn’t drop the new games for each month until the first Tuesday of that month.

Seeing as May 1 is a Wednesday, the first Tuesday of the month is next week. So you’ll be able to claim the new games and start playing them on May 7. With that being said, you still have close to a week to claim the free games for April. If you haven’t already done so, now’s your chance. The free games for April include Skul: The Hero Slayer, Immortals of Aveum, and Minecraft Legends. All of which are pretty decent games that are fun to play.

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