Unauthorized AirTag tracking set to become illegal in Pennsylvania

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Every piece of technology has its pros and cons, and Apple’s AirTags are no exception. Since their debut in 2021, Apple’s AirTags have sparked controversy. While they offer a convenient way to track personal items, they also raise concerns about potential misuse for stalking purposes. There have been multiple reports of people using AirTags to track their partners, children, and strangers without consent.

Stalking people with AirTags has caught the attention of lawmakers

According to AP News, Pennsylvania has recently taken action to penalize individuals who use Bluetooth-enabled devices like AirTags to track others without their consent, joining a growing number of states in the USA with similar legislation.

The state House of Representatives has voted to pass a bill aimed at penalizing individuals who use tracking devices like AirTags for illegal purposes like stalking. If this legislation is enacted, offenders could potentially face a maximum of 90 days in prison for violating the law.

Similar laws exist in other states such as California, Hawaii, and Florida. Florida recently amended its legislation, effective October 1, to close loopholes and make it more difficult for stalkers to exploit the law. Previously, the law only penalized stalkers for installing tracking devices.

Apple is fighting the misuse of AirTags

9To5Mac acknowledged that AirTags and its stalking problem have always been a source of negative press for its maker, Apple. The technology giant has been making moves to curb misuse of its tracking devices.

Despite the negative press, Apple has put more effort into stopping unwanted tracking than competitors. In every AirTag, there is a mechanism that warns you about hidden AirTags around you that you might not know about.

Last year, Apple announced a partnership with Google to help prevent illegal tracking (stalking) with AirTags. Thanks to this partnership, you can still get unwanted tracker alerts on your Android phone even if you are not in the Apple ecosystem.

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