PS5 will get even more Xbox games says Xbox Chief


PS5 is poised to get even more Xbox games according to Xbox Chief Phil Spencer. Microsoft held its big Xbox Showcase on June 9 where it revealed a metric ton of new games coming out. This included reveals for an upcoming Perfect Dark game, a turn-based RPG called Expedition 33, details for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, and a closer look at Fable.

Beyond all the trailers though, Spencer elaborated on Microsoft’s plans for Xbox with the release of games and its strategy for allowing players more choice in where to play them. Speaking to IGN (via The Verge) Spencer said Xbox would continue to allow players the choice to either subscribe or buy to access newly released games. On top of that, more Xbox games would be “coming to other screens” like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that four of its exclusive games would be making their way to PS5. This included Grounded, Sea of Thieves, Pentiment, and Hi-Fi Rush. Grounded and Pentiment were also released for Nintendo Switch.

More Xbox games are coming to PS5, but which ones are still a mystery

It isn’t clear which games are coming to other screens, but they are coming. Spencer does confirm that Microsoft will continue to look at launching its games for other platforms. Spencer does also avoid mentioning PS5 and Nintendo Switch (or its successor) by name. But it’s pretty clear what platforms Microsoft is looking at. Considering that PlayStation and Nintendo are the only other two that make sense.

As The Verge points out, a number of games coming from Microsoft’s first-party Xbox studios also don’t mention anything about exclusivity. This isn’t a confirmation that certain games will jump to PS5. Indiana Jones and The Great Circle for example may live exclusively on Xbox, but Spencer has never said as much. The same goes for the upcoming DOOM: The Dark Ages that was announced on Sunday.

Games could still have timed exclusivity

While some upcoming games may come to rival platforms, they may not do so right away. If Microsoft is considering the idea of launching some of its bigger titles on other consoles, this may happen further down the line. Similar to how Sony has been releasing its games for PC a while after their PS4/PS5 release.

This would ultimately let the Xbox platform have some time with each release before making the jump to other screens.

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